Your Key to Feeling Educated and Empowered to Take on Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

I want to be Proactive!

Are you wondering how to navigate your pregnancy, labor and postpartum period effectively and safely?

If you are...

  • Newly pregnant & want to know more about the changes happening in your body
  • Anxious about labor and delivery
  • Concerned about how your body will feel after delivery
  • Unsure of how to continue to exercise safely during pregnancy and restart safely post-baby
  • Wanting to be aware of common pregnancy and postpartum related issues- and learning how to minimize/prevent them

You are not alone!  No one seems to tell you all the nitty gritty details you SHOULD be aware of during pregnancy, labor/delivery and the postpartum period. 

I want to be proactive!


Learn about changes in your body, common musculoskeletal issues, exercise during pregnancy, & more.


Birth planning, how to physically prepare your body for delivery, labor tips, & more.

And Beyond

Guidance for recovery right after baby, at 6 weeks, and returning to exercise after baby.

Picture this...

  • Understanding the changes happening in your body during pregnancy
  • Being confident heading into labor & delivery that you have the right support system & knowledge to guide you 
  • Feeling competent heading into motherhood (maybe again!) in your knowledge of your body
  • Feeling strong and empowered through safe and effective exercise and knowing how to modify if needed
  • Feeling connected to your core throughout your pregnancy and after baby (which can help to minimize back pain, diastasis recti and other issues)
  • Knowing how to help your body heal post-baby 

Do you want to feel more prepared for pregnancy, birth and beyond?


I want to be proactive!

"Proactive Pregnancy includes everything that I wish I knew when I was pregnant. The lack of education and postpartum care is what started my interest and passion in women's health. I truly believe I personally could have avoided low back pain, as well as had a smoother delivery and postpartum recovery with the exercises and education in this program."

Dr. Rachel Miller
Physical Therapist, certified Pilates & group fitness instructor, and creator of Proactive Pregnancy

"I really enjoy the program.  I love that the exercises are simple things I can incorporate into my every day life.  I think that is key, it has been really helpful."

-Ariel W., expecting Mama


Proactive Pregnancy

Your guide to your changing body for an active pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I want to be proactive!